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. But, since I have a life, I said, I still have to write it down. 1, the adobe was once the home of an important building material. At that time, poor economic conditions, many people can not afford a brick. Farmers intelligence, know locally. The country is more than dirt, virtually free of soil, so it became the building's baby. We are a small village attached to a building behind the house almost every household Shaoai house, adobe walls assembled, wheat straw and take the pole on the roof, conditions are good enough, the roof will be covered with a layer of tiles. Take a straw roof, there must be a longer roof, eaves mainly by wheat and small Shugun insisted pole, then covered with straw. This is the home of the cottage. Eaves longer, one is to prevent rainwater rainy banner walls, two rainy allow rainwater to flow to ground far away from the foot of the wall and some of. Jiangnan rain, especially apricot day, every day next stop. Wall than other materials, without rain ah. Another way to rain,UGG ブーツ 店舗, which is in the thick straw apricot-day anti-rain curtain hung on the walls. That is the straw spread, shop thicker, then the root system in a straw rope, then split bamboo, grip, or with a bamboo pole to string together, it becomes a straw row, hanging on the walls. Straw is also useful, but relatively small. Because straw smooth, straw go faster than water, is not easy to absorb water; thicker, but also in order to prevent infiltration of rainwater through the wet straw walls. Adobe house mainly used to feed livestock and stacked firewood. It is also safe. However, poor conditions of the people living in the cottage. My family multi-granduncle Hall, a large-scale adobe houses, the most typical. Hole in the wall where the bees time to catch up is the home country of Tang Shu adobe houses. Easily cracked walls, a gap,UGG ブーツ 人気, it is easy to insects punch. However,UGG ブーツ 正規品, this is down to our youth adds a lot of fun, this is the case, another paper to pose. After the walls dry, to prevent the collapse of a method, that is,アグ モカシン, with a few sticks of bamboo, the walls clamped reinforcement. This is no other alternative. Thatched cottage collapse will inevitably it. Child heard near the village huts collapsed thing, also heard of livestock injured, but serious injuries have not heard,UGG ブーツ 人気, after all, soil, grass, wheat and not thick pole stringers only. After the sub-fields, improved economic conditions, many people buy a brick to rebuild houses, but is not a small area of ​​the building, adobe houses function will slowly disappear, no one would take care of the repair, the collapse of which is a matter of time . However, with the rise of the brick house in the village of another way of life, do blanks, will gradually disappear. 2, do the billet, the home also called "Benedict blank (sound embryo pei)", "bulldozing festival." The village is the home to do some stress blanks. First, do the blanks with mud was piled winter. Only after a fierce cold and snow of winter soil, the soil is doing a good billet. As for what reason, I do not know. After the harvest, plowing the land, do you want to fill in the blank or second year of Chuk Yuen others, will go to the ground, the plow plowed out a large chunk of earth, piled good move on the ridge, either the sun and rain for several days
。但,既然是我曾经的生活,我说,我还是要记下来。1,土坯曾经是故乡重要的建筑材料,アグ モカシン。那时候,经济条件不好,很多人家买不起砖瓦。农民聪慧,懂得就地取材。乡下多的就是泥土,几乎是免费的土,于是成了当时建房的宝贝。我们小村里几乎家家户户屋后都连着一栋稍矮的房子,土坯垒砌的墙,稻草和竿稞搭的屋顶,条件稍好的,屋顶上也会铺上一层瓦片。稻草搭的屋顶,一定有较长的屋檐,屋檐主要靠竿稞和小树棍撑着,然后覆上稻草。这就是故乡的草房。屋檐稍长,一来是为了防止下雨天雨水打着土墙,二来是为了下雨天让雨水流地离墙体和墙根远一些。江南雨水多,尤其黄梅天,每天下个不停。土墙不比其他材料,不经淋雨啊。防雨的另一个方法,就是在黄梅天在土墙上挂上厚厚的麦秸防雨帘。也就是把麦秸铺开,铺的厚一些,然后把麦秸的根部系在绳上,再把竹竿劈开,夹住,或者用竹竿串起来,就成了麦秸排,挂在土墙上。也有用稻草的,但比较少。因为麦秸光滑,走水比稻草快,不容易吸水;厚一些,也是为了不让雨水通过麦秸渗透湿了土墙。土坯房子主要用来堆放柴草和喂养家畜。这也是为安全。不过,也有条件差的人家,住草房的。我堂叔祖家人多,土坯房规模很大,最为典型。那时候捉墙洞里的蜜蜂,最多的就是堂叔祖家的土坯房。土墙容易干裂,出现缝隙,也容易给虫子打孔。不过,这倒给我们的少年时代增添了很多乐趣,此为后话,另文撰述。土墙干裂之后,防止倒塌的一个方法,就是用几根木棍竹子的,把墙夹住,加固。这也是没有办法中的办法。草房倒塌,也就难免了。小时候听说过附近村里有草房倒塌的事情,也听说过人畜因此受伤,但严重的伤亡没听说过,毕竟都是土、草、竿稞和不粗的桁条而已。分田之后,经济条件好转,很多人买了砖瓦重建新房,而且是面积不小的楼房,土坯房的功用也就慢慢地消失了,没人再去打理修补,坍塌也就是时间问题。不过,随着砖房的兴起,村里的另一个生活方式,做坯,也就渐渐消失了。2,做坯,故乡也叫“笃坯(音胚pei)”,“推土节”,UGG ブーツ 正規品。故乡村里做坯很有些讲究。首先,做坯用的泥得堆放着过冬,UGG ブーツ アウトレット。只有经过冬天凌厉寒风和冰雪的泥土,才是做坯的好土。至于何种原因,UGG ブーツ 店舗,我不得而知。秋收之后,UGG ブーツ アウトレット,土地翻耕,要做坯或第二年要填竹园的人家,就会到地里,把用犁翻耕出来的一大块一大块的土,搬到田埂上堆放好,任日晒雨淋若干天

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